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Fulbright Visiting scholar - david.azcona@asu.edu

2019 Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK)

In March 2019, I went back to Arizona State University to attend the 9th. International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge in Tempe, Arizona, USA. My advisor, Prof Alan Smeaton, also attended the conference.

Super fun and busy week at ASU where:

A fantastic week where my advisor also gave a brown bag lunch presentation at EdPlus in Arizona State University entitled “When My Data Actually Becomes My Data and Is Good for Me”. In addition, my host at ASU when I was a Fulbrighter, John Rome, hosted the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Arizona State University’s ‬SmartCity Cloud Innovation Center powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Looking forward to seeing what challenges they will be tackling first with the city of Scottsdale! Sparky did not want to miss it!

Excellent #LAK19 organization by @shoha99, Jim, Katie, Nicole and Grace at @ASU! Busy week for @DublinCityUni team with @asmeaton organizing #CSEDM 2019 workshop, presenting #user2code2vec, demoing #coderbot after preparing ACM full proceedings 🤖👾 pic.twitter.com/IelPMV77Uh

— David Azcona (@dazconap) March 10, 2019

Start talking on WhatsApp to your new programming AI assistant, CoderBot, by scanning the QR code and saying "hi" to it on WhatsApp. See you tonight at the Old Main Lawn and chat with me! Do not forget to vote 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖 @asmeaton @shoha99 #LAK19 pic.twitter.com/R3NiJI9E3Z

— David Azcona (@dazconap) March 7, 2019

@dazconap is presenting one of his many fabulous projects on user2code2vec: embeddings for profiling students based on distributional representations of source code! #LAK19 #Murdock101 session 2A-02

— SharonHsiao (@shoha99) March 6, 2019

Can you profile CS students based on textual analysis of their code? This was a really cool talk about some of the NLP processes used for analyzing python code. Nice work @dazconap! #LAK19 https://t.co/U1PPJLrABj pic.twitter.com/VrswdQ08FO

— Michelle Kolbe Hardwick (@datacheesehead) March 6, 2019

2nd #CSEDM at #LAK19 has been really insightful & fun! Check out the papers and the data challenge https://t.co/uwMf61Pewq pic.twitter.com/UYo2FZ7mrL

— David Azcona (@dazconap) March 6, 2019

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