David Azcona
Applied Scientist - david.azcona@zalando.ie
Postdoctoral Researcher - david.azcona@dcu.ie
Fulbright Visiting scholar - david.azcona@asu.edu

Winners at University of Oxford's Hack 2019

Amazing weekend at Oxford Hack with my friends Insighters. We developed LocoDrone for Collaborative flying. One drone & many people controlling it from our website, what could go wrong?

We were awarded the following prizes at Oxford Hack 2019:

Super weekend!

LocoDrone made by Insighters for the amazing #OxfordHack19! @insight_centre @enric_moreu @Juanjo_3ns https://t.co/jmUjAUovWd pic.twitter.com/Ueod5JZOS5

— David Azcona (@dazconap) November 21, 2019

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